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Every quote will be entered into drawing for $200!

This is who we are—dedicated to getting you the coverage you need!

Meet our staff!

Rayford Schulze: Owner & Agent since 1997

Becky Schulze: Agent,  22 Years

Michael Peavy: Agent, 5 Years

Nancy Krueger: Office Manager, 23 Years with the Agency

Bonnie Barak: Agent, 15 Years

We serve the community!

We not only strive to find you money-saving rates with customer service that’s second-to-none, we help where we can with our community.

Schulze Insurance Agency provides T-Shirts at 4 local High Schools sporting events. Hurry to the next game and get yours!

We work mainly with Germania Farm Mutual Insurance Company in Brenham Texas. A trusted company that’s over 120 Years old

Our Local Chapter of Germania was formed in Malone 112 years ago.

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